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Making a Difference" "Having Compassion Music Seminars for You, Your Family and Your Church See the Topics!
An event for the whole family. Guests to the National Sword Conference have the opportunity to attend multiple workshops geared toward families, musicians, churches and pastors. Planning your Visit? Consider our list of recognized hotels and accommodations as you plan your trip to Sword Conference. Shop. Advertise. Explore. The National Sword Conference provides an excellent opportunity for vendors and guests alike to meet and mingle.
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July 24-27, 2017 Walkertown, North Carolina All Sessions Open! All Seats Free! Gospel Light Baptist Church
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Shelton Smith

Bobby Roberson

Featured Speakers:

Joe Arthur

Norris Belcher

Jeff Fugate

Mike Allison

Max Barton

Justin Cooper

John Hamblin

Richard Harper

Jon Jenkins

Lou Rossi

Jim Townsley

Mike Wells

Conference Host

Host Pastor

PLUS, More than a DOZEN Practical Workshops!
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