About the Sword of the Lord The Sword of the Lord Publishers, home of the biweekly SWORD OF THE LORD newspaper, is an independent, fundamental publishing house that in conjunction with the SWORD newspaper produces biblical, Christ-centered books, pamphlets, tracts and e-books. Alongside the literature produced in-house, the Sword of the Lord offers a wide variety of Bibles, music, products and supplies to individuals and churches through the Sword of the Lord Bookstore.
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The History of the SWORD newspaper The story of the Sword of the Lord newspaper began in the early 1930s when John R. Rice, a cowboy with a heart for winning souls, discovered a need for godly and biblical literature. With the help of a few close friends, he began gathering classic sermons and evangelistic messages as well as articles and sermons that he had written during his years of evangelism. On September 28, 1934, the first issue of the SWORD OF THE LORD newspaper rolled off the press. With 5,000 total copies in the back of his pick-up truck, John R. Rice set out on the streets of Dallas, Texas and began handing out the SWORD, one by one, to individuals and businesses. His intention was to make godly, doctrinally sound and fundamentally firm literature available and affordable to all people. In the midst of a land devastated by the Great Depression and ravaged by poverty and hardship, he did just that. As more issues began to circulate and folks became more familiar with the SWORD, people from around the country began writing and asking for the SWORD to be delivered to their homes. The first subscriptions were offered for just 35 cents per year. For about half a cent per week, the SWORD was published weekly then, people everywhere could enjoy the SWORD OF THE LORD delivered straight to their mailbox or doorstep.


The Sword of the Lord today... Today, the SWORD OF THE LORD newspaper maintains a readership that is not only nationwide but also worldwide. GOD is continually blessing the SWORD and the outreach that it offers. As the SWORD OF THE LORD newspaper nears the beginning of its eighty-third year of printing, we look forward to what GOD has in store as we work to expand the outreach of God's Word and provide godly, fundamental literature to people around the world.